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Research & Development


About Us / learn more about Style and our website service

Our reputation for creating quality website design has grown and grown.  We provide professionals with a stylish alternative to those ordinary ‘cookie-cutter’ websites and a timely, affordable alternative to expensive custom website design projects.

We are a smaller, boutique company and therefore are able to offer a much more personalized and higher quality service than our bigger competitors.   In fact, we even limit the intake of new clients on a weekly basis to allow for continued development without a reduction in quality. As a hard-working agents, we know your time is valuable.  Creating and maintaining a reliable, effective and beautiful website requires experience.   Do what you do best and leave the website building to us.


Management Team

  • Eva Adamson
    Managing Director
  • David Austin
    Software Product Engineering
  • Natalie Barnes
    Independent Testing & IMTS
  • Thomas Bishop
    Web Designer
  • Jack Blare
    SEO Professional
  • Maria Brooks
    Social Management